Acustic Nights - Sunday

Join us for some great concerts on our amazing rooftop terrace. Listen to a range of Spain's best young artists while enjoying a gourmet dinner. (from 5€ per person)


Live the Roof- Exhibitions

Have you ever wondered about the local art scene in Seville? Oasis and Live the Roof brings the art to you with cool painting and photography exhibitions so you can have a look at the city's most talented artists.


Tapas Time - Monday & Thursday

Enjoy some typical tapas at our gourmet tapas time (Monday & Thursday starting at 8:30 pm). You will be able to taste a selection of true Andalusian flavors right on our rooftop terrace.


Paella Dinners - Tuesday & Fridays

Join us for a Paella feast on our rooftop terrace. Watch and learn from our chefs while they prepare your dinner so you will be able to make Paella at home too! Then sit back and enjoy your dinner.


Free Flamenco Lessons - Tuesday & Fri 19hs

Join our free Flamenco classes at the Oasis Palace Bar to get a true insight in Spain's most magical and best-known art. Learn the first steps with our Flamenco teacher Maria José. 


Cocktail Masters - Wednesday & Sunday

Ever wondered how to prepare a variety of cocktails and what they taste like? Join our cocktail master class on Wednesday and Sunday at 6 pm and taste and learn about the best cocktails. (5€ for class + cocktails)