The Hostel

Set in a grand palace from the last century, our newest Oasis Hostel is located directly in the city centre, equipped with all services you expect to find at a hostel. With spacious dorms, walls adorned with modern wallpaper, antique furniture and accessories, our Oasis Palace has it all.

Enjoy the view of Seville from Updown, our amazing rooftop terrace bar, or just hang out in the rooftop pool, overlooking city life passing by with a drink in your hand. You can also enjoy an exclusive dinner party organized and cooked by us for you and your friends.

If you prefer making dinner yourself, use our fully equipped communal kitchen and spend your time chatting away with fellow travellers. If you rather read a book, write about your travels or just relax and listen to music, our Updown Bar terrace is a great place to do it.

Of course, we also aim to keep you connected. You will find Wi-Fi all over the building, or just use our computers in the lounge area.

Oasis Backpackers Palace details

Oasis Backpackers Palace Sevilla Terrace